Colorado Flag, created by Louisville artist, Sheri Batchelor

About LRA

Rob Kelly is the Managing Broker at Louisville Associates (LRA) located in downtown Louisville, Colorado. Rob got his start in real estate when he purchased his first home at the ripe age of 21. Before flipping a house became a trend, Rob and his buddies thought fixing up a home meant tearing out the kitchen and then living for a year without a kitchen was a great idea.

Fast forward a couple decades and now from our offices here at 815 Walnut Street, conveniently located 1/2 block West of Main Street, we can watch the charming comings and goings of life in downtown Louisville, Colorado.

The heart of Louisville is a perfect place to be where we can overhear the amplified conversations of folks meandering in and around Bittersweet and Por Wine Bar, as well as B.O.B.s sandwich shop and more, all while enjoying the smell of delicious wood fired smoked offerings coming from Madera’s outdoor grill.

La Revolution, one of the many outdoor restaurants on Louisville's historic Main Street

Lu Lus and La Revolution, two of the many outdoor restaurants on Louisville’s historic Main Street

For more details on how to purchase your perfect home or sell your house in Louisville please call LRA at 720-284-9211 or email us at  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for current additions to the Louisville’s calendar of activities!